Tri It For Life is not a "training" group.  We are not professional coaches.

We were once first time athletes. We have been afraid of the water. We have learned to ride our bikes on the road. We have walked and run to the finish line.

Our focus isn't just on bodies and getting our first-time athletes moving. Tri It For Life is a mentoring organization. We inspire women to move because we've been where they are. All of our mentors were once first-time athletes and all of them volunteer their time to help other women discover the fulfillment and empowerment that comes from training for a triathlon with other like-minded women.

Mentors are committed not only to helping new athletes figure out how to swim, bike, and run but also to listen, to commiserate, to find new friends and help build confidence. Our mentors, like our athletes, are all "ages, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities."

Mentors do not have to be experts. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, you have the one thing that a new athlete needs--someone who has been there.

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